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CANopen is a high-level communications protocol and device-profile specification based on the CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol. It is aimed at embedded networking applications, such as in-vehicle networks. CANopen is a widespread protocol used in various industries, especially in automation and motion applications.

Micrium OS CANopen is a module designed specifically for embedded systems. Built from the ground up with Micrium’s quality, scalability, and reliability, it allows you to create networked CANopen devices with the required features.

This manual describes how to initialize, start, and use Micrium OS CANopen. It explains the various configuration values and their uses, as well as how to set up and interact with a CANopen device (also known as a node). It also provides information such as overview, configuration possibilities, implementation details and examples of typical usage.

More information on Micrium OS CANopen can be found in the following sections:

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