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Micrium OS Common is a module that groups common components used by various Micrium products. It currently includes:

  • An authentication module which allows you to create users and manage their access rights
  • A clock module that implements a clock/calendar
  • An emulation of the C standard library, including functions for memory allocation and de-allocation including: 
    • Data copy, compare
    • String copy, compare, replace
    • Some character functions and a basic random number generator (RNG)
  • A kernel abstraction layer (KAL), which allows products to make an abstraction of the active kernel (OS2 or OS3)
  • Logging capabilities available for every Micrium OS module
  • For all the Micrium OS modules, there is a common error type and several related utilities 
  • A shell interface for Micrium OS components and any other components that register shell functions
  • A toolchain detection and abstraction component

Most parts of Micrium OS Common are expected to be present in every Micrium OS project.

More information on Micrium OS Common can be found in the following pages:

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