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Micrium OS is provided with a set of example applications. Example applications are meant to be used as a starting point to develop your application and are designed to be compile-able and executable (in most cases) as-is without modification.

Example application files can be found under the Micrium_OS_VX.XX/examples folder.

The folder is organized by module and contains one main example file called ex_main.c. This example creates a kernel task that performs the basic initialization of Micrium OS and calls the example applications you added to your project. It uses the ex_description.h file to determine which example is present or not.

Example Description File

The example applications rely on a file called ex_description.h. This file has multiple purposes:

  • It lists all the example applications available that should be called automatically. They are listed using #define having the following format:

  • It allows you to override some default configurations set in the example applications. Some example applications contain default configurations that must be overridden. Refer to your examples documentation to find out if you have to override a configuration.

See also Examples Component(s) Description to find out about the AVAIL defines to add to your ex_description.h file.

Example Applications Documentation

Following is a list of pages that describes some of the provided example applications. Note that not all of the provided examples are documented.