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This section describes the examples that are related to the Micrium OS TFTP Client module.

Download and Upload a File to a TFTP Server


This is a simple example that downloads (GET) a file from a TFTP server and then uploads (PUT) the same file back to the TFTP server.


The example implementation is located in /examples/net/tftp/ex_tftp_client.c.

Modification Required

EX_TFTP_CLIENT_SERVER_HOSTNAME must be modified to specify the TFTP server address or hostname on your network.

EX_TFTP_CLIENT_FILE_LOCAL_PATH must be modified to specify the local file name and path to where the downloaded file will be saved and from where the uploaded file will be taken. Note that the file path must also contain the File System volume name in order to have a complete absolute path that will be understood by the File System.

EX_TFTP_CLIENT_FILE_REMOTE_PATH must be modified to specify the name and path of the file on the remote TFTP server that you wish to download with the GET method.

EX_TFTP_CLIENT_FILE_REMOTE_UPLOAD_PATH must be modified to specify the name and path of the file that will be uploaded back on the TFTP server with the PUT method.


The function Ex_TFTP_ClientGetAndPut() downloads and uploads a file to a TFTP server of your choice.