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This section describes the Communication Device Class Ethernet Emulation Model subclass (CDC EEM) supported by Micrium OS USB Device. CDC EEM is a protocol that allows the usage of the USB as an Ethernet link. The device is seen by the host as a device on an Ethernet network, so all typical applications can be run on the device (FTP, HTTP, DHCP, etc.).

Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS do not provide any driver for CDC EEM devices, but commercial drivers can easily be found. Linux supports CDC EEM devices since kernel version 2.6.34.

CDC EEM represents the physical layer in the OSI model. It requires a network stack to implement higher layers. Micrium OS Network module offers an Ethernet driver for Micrium OS USB Device's CDC EEM subclass.

The CDC EEM implementation offered by Micrium OS USB Device is in compliance with the following specification:

  • Universal Serial Bus Communications Class Subclass Specification for Ethernet Emulation Model Devices, Revision 1.0 February 2, 2005.
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