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CDC ACM Class Modem Example

This example will, upon connection of a CDC ACM device, issue a set of AT commands and display the results on the console. Note that in order to correctly execute this example, you will need a CDC ACM USB device that supports the AT commands.

The example accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Initialize the CDC base class
  • Initialize the ACM subclass
  • Call the CDC base class Post Init function to inform the base class that all the subclasses have been initialized
  • Allocate a buffer that is used to issue the AT commands and that holds the returned data
  • Create a kernel task that will handle the AT commands issuing and that is triggered when a CDC ACM device is connected

The kernel task accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Wait for the connection of a CDC ACM device
  • Set a proper line coding
  • Set the control line state
  • Issue the following AT commands, and read and display the result:
    • ATQ0V1E0
    • ATI0
    • ATI1
    • ATI2
    • ATI3
    • ATI7

The example will also display the serial state changes on the console.


The example implementation is located in /examples/usb/host/ex_usbh_cdc_acm_modem.c.


This example offers only one API named Ex_USBH_CDC_ACM_Init(). This function is normally called from a USB host core example.