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Micrium components, usually known by their trade names such as µC/OS-III, are included in the BSP in the form of individual software libraries. This allows a project to include only the required components. As a minimum the ucos_common library and one kernel either ucos_osii or ucos_osiii must be selected. The ucos_standalone library is also recommended, otherwise the included standalone drivers won't be able to compile properly.

The list of product supported can be found in the

Table - Supported products list. Most of the Micrium product catalog not currently included in the repository can of course be used by adding it to the application project. Contact Micrium for details on using products not included in the repository.


ucos_can*uC/CAN communication frameworkµC/CAN
ucos_commonVarious support components for Micrium softwareµC/CPU µC/LIB µC/Common
ucos_dhcpcµC/DHCPc DHCP clientµC/DHCPc
ucos_dnscµC/DNSc DNS clientµC/DNSc
ucos_fsµC/FS embedded file systemµC/FS
ucos_httpcµC/HTTPc HTTP clientµC/HTTPc
ucos_iperf*µC/IPerf IPerf clientµC/IPerf
ucos_mqttc*µC/MQTTc MQTT clientµC/MQTTc
ucos_osiiµC/OS-II Real Time KernelµC/OS-II
ucos_osiiiµC/OS-III Real Time KernelµC/OS-III
ucos_standaloneCompatibility library for Xilinx standalone drivers-
ucos_tcpipµC/TCP-IP communication stackµC/TCP-IP
ucos_telnetsµC/TELNETs  telnet serverµC/TELNETs
ucos_usbduC/USB Device protocol stackµC/USB-Device
ucos_usbh*uC/USB Host protocol stackµC/USB-Host
  • Library not available with the free evaluation. Please contact Micrium to request an evaluation or purchase a license.
Table - Supported products list




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